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The little old ladies that fall in the street are a Godsend. The days would be too much to bear without them. This is for them...

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For Isla
For Isla

The Non-Adventure Returns!

Yes, that's right, kids! Your favorite non-adventure has returned for a special run of 'insert number' weeks!

So grab your wetsuit, cos it's gonna be a rainy summer in Sucksville!


The Non-Adventure ends!

Here it is, the LAST Sucksville!

I’ve really enjoyed running this thing over the last few months and wanna thank all of you for your support, feedback, encouragement and flaming!

Why end Sucksville? A couple of reasons really; I’m doing some other projects at the minute and am finding it hard to make the time (yeah, I know! Despite that fact that it looks like it’s done in about 10 minutes, it actually takes about 30! Ha ha ha!) and you may not have noticed, but my artwork really sucks! I have a lot of ideas for Sucksville, but I don’t have the technical drawing skills to put these ideas down on paper!

Maybe I’ll take a couple of art classes and return with some killer new artwork!

But it’s more likely that I’ll just stay home and watch Smallville.

Again, many thanks for sticking with me and this little non-adventure! And dry your tears, for I WILL return, this time with my super-hero comic ‘Lines’ run as a weekly webcomic!

Stay cool


Sucksville News!

Sucksville news!

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